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Tiny Tots Learning Center Inc.

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Preschool  & Pre-K Classroom

Kids Klub

Text Box: Our preschool program is made up of two groups of ten students (caterpillars and Butterflies), comprised of three’s, four’s and five year olds. There are two primary teachers, an Enrichment Specialist (M,W,F) and a Social Group instructor (T, TH) that provide instruction.. Our program focuses on playing special attention to each child's needs.   Our program is theme based with 12 different thematic units that continue year round. Our program is designed for the full time student however we do accept part time enrollment. Our curriculum  meets the Pennsylvania’s Learning Standards. Daily lessons include areas of art, music, literacy, writing, science, math, technology time, and Bible. Parents will receive a daily communication sheets to keep them informed about their day. A calendar and newsletter will be sent home monthly.  Evaluations will be sent home quarterly and at that time parent conferences can be requested.  In addition daily activity schedules will be sent home every day.  All children should have a change of weather appropriate clothing That can be stored at the facility .
All children will receive their own storage area so that personal supplies and extra changes of clothing can be stored. All nap time supplies will be provided by the facility. If your child is attached to a sleeping item such as a stuffed animal they can keep this with their supplies at the center. Please do not send personal blankets or toys back and forth. When your child arrives for the day it is our policy for children to wash their hands before starting their day to minimize the spread of germs.

Children are a candle to be lit, Not a cup to be Filled

Our before and after school group "Kids Klub" meets in their own classroom that is equipped with computers, books, toys, and games.  Our morning program provides a comfortable place for children to relax and have breakfast. Opportunities are provided for children to become involved in social activities and activity centers prior to catching the bus to school.  In the afternoon children  are dropped off from the bus at our front door.  The children are offered an afternoon snack after they wash their hands. We offer assistance with their homework for 20– to 30 minutes and have outside play daily (weather permitting). We generally also provide an afternoon activity that is theme based. All children enrolled in our before and afternoon program will be eligible to attend any of our full day programs that are offered on days that the local school is closed and our program is open.



Our summer camp program provides structured learning activities while school is not in session for children 6 - 10 years of age.  We have theme weeks that incorporate exciting activities, outings, reading experiences, structured and free play activities, writing activities and best of all swimming.  As a parent you can rest assured that your child will have an enjoyable summer filled with lots of fun and they will be learning at the same time.  Our program begins in June and lasts for ten weeks.  There will be swimming and field trips scheduled weekly and children can bring their bike or something with wheels for a “wheels day” each week.

Theme Weeks:

Animals        Vacation      Patriotism     Sports         Water recreation        

   Western     Luau            Oceans             Science          Art

Summer Camp